Saturday, 1 February 2014

1 Reason Why Ice-Cream is Awful!

So recently I blogged about why ice cream was brilliant because I was using lactase tablets so I could eat it again. Well that’s all well and good and I do enjoy to sweet frozen goodness of ice cream. However I have noticed in the last month my skin has gotten worse. At first I thought it was just a bad week or id had a lot of pollution but now I’m convinced it’s because of the ice cream! Dairy is thought to worsen skin irritation because of the hormones it contains which are inflammatory. So dairy can be really nasty for your skin and I think it’s made my cheeks really red and my problem areas really bumpy. I am prone to inflammation anyway, I frequently get swollen inflamed tonsils and almost weekly someone will look shocked at me because I’ve scratched my arm or neck and it’s gone really read an angry instantly. So I naturally have bad skin and am prone to inflammation, therefore if dairy worsens inflammation then that can’t help my skin! There’s a really good video by Cassandra Bankson (love her, I'll blog properly about her at some point) about her experiences with dairy and acne. 

Now I’m in a bit of a tight spot now because I’ve only really used these tablets so I can eat dairy in the last fortnight, so if in 2 weeks I can go from manageable skin to red blotchy bumpy skin, what would it do if I carried on eating them?! Sadly I think I have to reserve the lactase tablets for rare occasions when lactose is unavoidable (or really tempting) and still avoid buying anything full of dairy. Sad face (literally and metaphorically).