Sunday, 2 February 2014


Any of you that know me, or even followers that have read for a while will know that I can't leave an opportunity unexplored. The very idea for this blog was formed from the opportunity to move to Sydney for a year and its grown from there! This blog has followed me taking opportunities that worked out: like moving to Sydney, getting Sheldon the pet rat, moving to Manchester and recently 100blogging days. And this blog has followed me taking opportunities that haven't worked out like: rejoining English life, being scammed on the internet, being hurt by people, and yesterday's fail at dairy. So I'm not saying everything always works out but you've got to keep trying!

So today I heard (another Cassandra video) about a competition to be one of the faces of e.l.f. cosmetics 2014 range! An excellent opportunity because it costs nothing to enter, no experience required and all you do is fill in the online form and upload a few selfies! If any of you want to join me and enter yourselves, feel free!

Please vote for me so I can go to New York and be a face of e.l.f cosmetics! (P.S. you can vote every day if you're really keen)

Day 21