Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The other 74 days thoughts

Maybe these thoughts will be sweeter condensed... like milk
Ok so the 100 days thing kind of failed and I got up to 26 days. So to make up for it here are the other 74 additional thoughts and you can imagine what the posts would have been like:

27.   Isn’t it funny how people treat you differently depending on what you wear, even if they know you already?
28.   Should I take on some charity work or is my life too busy?
29.   I want a pet but I’m questionable at taking care of a house plant
30.   Valentine’s day: good or bad?
31.   Bills suck
32.   New jobs are never easy
33.   Pancakes are awesome
34.   Yay my paper is nearly published!
35.   My parents go on holiday more than I do and I’m secretly jealous
36.   I really enjoy going out to dinner
37.   I love it when friends come to visit and it’s like no time has passed
38.   I really like living in the city
39.   Being back at Uni feels weird
40.   Yay my paper got published!
41.   I can get pudding delivered?! Really?! Awesome!!
42.   Staycations are awesome I’m basically hibernating for a week
43.   Why does my skin punish me for eating rubbish?
44.   Why are children’s toys so sexist? And have weapons?!
45.   I have to order a bridesmaids dress but I’m 3 different sizes on the guide!
46.   Why do I have a full time job and a full time masters degree?
47.   3 year olds are exhausting
48.   Next year must remember to remind dad and brother that mother’s day is coming
49.   Why are these shoes so pinchy?
50.   How do you judge success?
51.   Why is my flat constantly full of hair no matter how often I sweep?!
52.   What do I do in the evenings? Seriously someone asked and I don’t know!
53.   My fortune cookie said I will do well and it’s sad that it reassured me
54.   I want to do a bungee jump
55.   Why are there those months where everything runs out and you have to buy all the things like clothes wash, bleach, kitchen roll, shampoo etc that make your shopping so expensive?
56.   My foundation is now the lightest colour they sell, that’s disappointing when compared to me “golden sand” foundation from Australia
57.   Why is life difficult?
58.   I need yellow and purple shoes to complete my shoe rainbow
59.   I think “In Time” is a great movie!
60.   Why do I still dislike tidying my room even though its me making me do it now not my mother?
61.   I need less mugs so I don’t end up with mouldy tea dregs all over my flat
62.   Crap I need to think of 40 more things
63.   Well 39 now.. oh wait 38 weeee look at me go!
64.   How many people are lonely?
65.   I don’t comfort eat; I comfort shop
66.   Oh oh oh as I’m a student again; I don’t pay council tax!!!
67.   Someone told me I’m tall again….. I know
68.   Oh dear my nan has discovered e-cards
69.   Why are the people that respond to enquiry emails always a little bit dim?
70.   Shopping centres need lanes and traffic lights and a MINIMUM speed limit
71.   Yay I can go up a training band in pole!
72.   I went for a night out but instead ended up spooning a drunk friend in case she threw up in her sleep… then it looked like I did the walk of shame
73.   No I don’t care about 400 extra nectar points; that’s like 2p
74.   I really should unsubscribe from all these job search emails
75.   Men suck
76.   I shaved my legs and now my trousers feel wrong
77.   I would have made a terrible 50s house wife
78.   Why are sheets so expensive?!
79.   Why does a white shirt always look like school uniform no matter how I wear it?
80.   Why am I happy to paint my fingernails any colour under the sun but constrain my toenails to being red or pink?
81.   I need cream nice non-boring shoes preferably in a wide fit and less than £50. Why is that so difficult?!
82.   I love my new watch
83.   Why is it socially acceptable to spit in the street? Its gross.
84.   I wonder what my life would have been like if id chosen the other option at crucial points in my life?
85.   If you know you have to slay the jaberwock then you have to fall down the rabbit hole again. (well you do if you’re in the 2010 film)
86.   Pom bears will never stop being awesome
87.   Why are hairbands made to be too tight round anyone’s wrist?
88.   Could my office BE and further away from everything?!
89.   Ever have those moments where you bump into someone you had a crush on and then realised you didn’t?
90.   I need new jeans but the prospect of jeans shopping scares me
91.   I’m not bitching, I’m critically assessing individuals based on their personal merits and value systems
92.   Everyone else is on Easter holiday but I have a job L
93.   Achievement of the week: cooking the right amount of pasta!
94.   Subway, Costa, WHSmiths and Marks&Spencer in hospitals: useful subcontracting or promoting profit from the unwell?
95.   Ok my heating is off; it’s officially spring!
96.   It has gone cold again; maybe I was premature about spring?
97.   This drain cleaner is amazing! I hope I haven’t dissolved the pipes too.
98.   Is it normal not to know any of your neighbours?
99.   Bubblemint: a surprisingly good accidental discovery!
100.   Sorry about not posing for 100 days. I was really excited about it in the beginning but life got in the way.