Friday, 16 January 2015

25 Things I think thoughout my day at work

So today I had the realisation that I think the same things every day in my current job. So here are the 25 things I have every day in my internal monologue. Does any one else have things they think every day?

  1. Here we go again
  2. Who needs to come in today?
  3. I need coffee
  4. Meeting!
  5. I dropped alco gel in my shoe again
  6. Why is it so cold in here?
  7. My head hurts
  8. What was that phone number?
  9. How many are leaving?
  10. Meeting!
  11. My hands are dissolving in this gel
  12. What was that persons name?
  13. I should wear a pedometer 
  14. I need coffee again
  15. Why is it so hot in here?
  16. My feet hurt
  17. Oh no, now what?
  18. Meeting!
  19. Where is that Doctor?!
  20. Have I eaten lunch?
  21. Why is it never simple?
  22. My hand moisturiser smells lovely
  23. What was I just doing?
  24. Finally sorted
  25. Yay home time