Thursday, 25 August 2016

I have to...

Do you have things that you just know you have to do in your life? Not things you want to do but things you know that you need to do, like it has already been decided and there's no way to change it. Well I have been looking at holidays recently and I have realised that there are a lot of places that I just know I have to go to. I've been flicking through the holiday book exodus sent me as I loved travelling to Morocco with them last year, so here are some of the places from the book that I know I have to go to in no particular order.

I know I have to see the northern lights. It's just inevitable. I have to go and trek in the snow, but not too much because ice scares me, snow is fine, but ice isn't. Ideally I'd take a horse drawn sleigh at some point and cuddle up with hot wine and look adorable in some kind of fluffy hat.

I also know that I have to take the Trans-Siberian railway. I was going to come back from Australia on the train (trust me it's possible, you just need to fly as far as Singapore) and it wasn't that much more than the flight back but then it's the time too and the cost of stopping in so many different places along the way which made it a bit impossible at the time. Maybe if I go back to visit my Aussie friends then I can take the train back then?

Ah the next one is a good one: Egypt and not just the great pyramids but Karnak, Edfu and boat down the Nile. I got so into Egypt as a kid, I think it was just after my dinosaur phase and I was looking for another seemingly impossible previous incarnation of the earth so after giant reptiles/birds what seems more natural than super advanced race with animal/man hybrid gods?! It would be so crazy to actually go to the places I read about because I still think of them as largely imaginary as a kid thinks about anything that she can't see right under her nose.

I have to see gorillas in the wild. I have no idea where this one comes from. But I know I need to. And I guess I need to get a wiggle on before they become one of those things to mystify younger generations like "I existed before the internet before gorillas went extinct".

The next one is one I came close to in Uni: I have to climb Kilimanjaro. There was a charity thing going which I got really excited about and then I went to the first meeting and they were doing the easiest route, and everyone got their own porter to carry their bag up, and there were cooks and people that went ahead to set up camp so it was ready when you got there, and there was going to be like 150 people in the same group! It seemed so... not how I wanted to do it. I want to go with people who you'd get to know and be close to by the time you got to the top, I want to carry my own bag and feel its weight as I climb and I want to put up my own tent and cook my own crappy camping food and get impatient at it and end up eating still hard and chalky rice cooked in diluted cup-of-soup. That's what I want.

Ditto Everest, probably just base camp but still wouldn't that be cool! I have to go to Everest. I don't know where this one comes from either but I know I need to. Likewise the Inca trail to stand on the edge of a mountain where someone stood thousands of years ago, the Galapagos Islands to walk the steps of Darwin and see the tortoises, and potentially a little far fetched: the north pole but that's so damn cool.

Then there are things I know I have to do that I have already done which is great. I've ridden a camel into the Sahara dessert, I've hiked through the Brazilian Rainforest and Mountains, and I've snorkled through the Great Barrier Reef. I've done most of Europe too perks being: tulips in the Netherlands, waterfalls in Croatia, Castles in Portugal, I went to school in Germany, I've done a lot of cool stuff already and that makes be feel pretty optimistic that I can get through the list above. Now I just need to fins a large amount of money!