Wednesday, 19 April 2017

CLRCFF - I'm excited

@clrcff Instagram

Is your newsfeed full of clear coffee? Because mine is, and if yours isn't then I am slightly concerned about what google knows about me. If you have missed it it's THIS. So Jesus may have turned water into wine but CLRCFF has created a way to make coffee look like water. Apparently the idea came from the coffee addict owners being annoyed at coffee stained teeth. This is an issue, combined with a healthy red wine habit, which is apparently costing me £300+ at the dentists to remedy - not that I've quite got round to it yet. I might have to swap bleaching my hair for bleaching my teeth. What is it with modern beauty standards with changing colours of things? Hair lighter, teeth whiter, skin tanner, brows darker, eyelashes darker, cheekbones lighter! Gah what's wrong with my natural blotchy pink complexion and my mouse hair? 

Back to coffee. Already articles have popped up in cosmopolitan, the independent, the huffingtonpost, and even a slightly scaremongering article in the sun. They are selling to UK at £5.99 for 2 200ml bottles or £14.99 for 5. Some of the articles comment that it seems expensive but at £3* a bottle and free delivery for the 5 pack seems a good deal. Starbucks is more than that, as is a large red bull (equivalent caffeine content and that comes with all the added sugars and gas in the world). So I've ordered some. The 2 pack for now but I'm excited. I will let you know when it arrives!


* a previous version of this post stated £2 - that was my math fail