Monday, 1 May 2017

Literally every damn hour - Water Challenge Week 4

This is technically the end of week 5 not week 4 of the water challenge which sets the tone for the post. I got bored of it. Yes, I started to see skin improvements last week and that's great but I have been busier the last fortnight and therefore haven't always been able to log my water consumption. For example, drinking 3 litres a day means drinking 200ml every hour I'm awake. Literally every damn hour. Who has time for that?! If I was in a 2 hour meeting yes I can take a bottle of water and sip my way through but I work in an operational role which means I am not at my desk that much in a day. Anyway, I got bored and more than that I started to resent the full water bottle on my desk at 5pm meaning I failed to consume my target water for the working day. I still think that I have increased my liquids to over 2 litres each day but I truly doubt of I ever hit 3 litres at any point in the last 14 days.

So against my 3 goals:
  • reduced snacking - FAIL. Maybe people who found they weren't stacking as much were just so full of water they were masking hunger? I think I snacked just as much as before.
  • increased energy - INCONCLUSIVE. I don't think I had a huge increase in energy levels. They may have gone up a little but not massively. I think more I was getting up to pee more and therefore while I was up I may as well do x, y, and z. So maybe I was more productive which gave the illusion of more energy? Not sure.
  • improved skin - WIN. I do think my skin is less oily. It has been 5 weeks so I have been through my full hormone cycle and haven't had much of a breakout this month! My pores are the same size but lets not expect miracles. Less oil and dryness has been a very welcome shift.
So in conclusion: more water is good for skin but 3 litres is impractical with my personal lifestyle. Has anyone else tried this? How did you get on?