Sunday, 7 May 2017

NEW SERIES: I'm naff at....

I am all these things

If you're anything like me you're always trying to improve yourself but without much direction, focus, or discipline. For example I am currently I am trying to get into running, restyle my bedroom,  watch my macros, sell off/donate my clothes to get a more modular wardrobe, re-start sweat with kayla, and maintain this blog! And all of that is while still having a full time job, keep a house, and have time for friends and boyfriend. Understandably I am failing. Hard. How on earth can I do all of that at once? I am the cover girl of biting off more than I can chew and have always been. But I tell myself it's ok to find something hard because I will just try another and see if that is easy - surprisingly its not. This means that I chicane between things and generally don't achieve very much.

However, I know many very talented people who seem to have mastered something that I haven't been able to come close to, and I'm actually remarkably naff at. Therefore I have asked them how they do it - why did I not think of this before?! So over the next few months keep a look out for guest writers posting how they manage not to be naff at things and then I will spend the following week trying to copy them. Hopefully if I uni-task these things over that week combined with their case study of how they do it, I might be able to incorporate them into my life.

There will be guests writing about all types of things I would like to be better at; food, life, sport, learning, all sorts! Hopefully be the end I should be a semi functioning adult with a variety of interests and skills. I can't wait. Keep an eye out for them coming soon!