Thursday, 1 June 2017

CLRCFF - A Taste Test Review

Remember a while ago I posted this post about CLR CFF? Well apparently I wasn't the only one to order some of the miracle clear coffee as it took over a month to arrive. However, from what I can tell from their website and Instagram I am still one of the first to receive their order.

The cute little bottles are exactly as they look online. There's a slight yellow tinge to the liquid but not even as much as a glass of bubbly. Once it was in my trusty Kath Kidston mug, the coffee looked fully clear against the off white inside - so far it has met expectations.

Ever the scientist I decided to ask everyone in the office to try some so I wandered round our offices with one of the bottles and a stack of paper cups. I managed to convince 10 people to try a sip plus me. The most frequent comment is that this stuff smells weird. Like really weird. It does smell like coffee in a round about way but it also smells alcoholic like some kind of coffee shot or even vaguely like a peaty whisky. I guess alcohol must be used in the process that means the coffee is left smelling rather chemically?

Once you get past the smell it tastes of yummy smooth coffee. It isn't a strong after dinner coffee taste but a smooth breakfast kind of coffee taste. We drank the coffee straight but I had put it in the fridge before hand. The label says to drink at 13-17 degrees so it should have been exactly on temperature after a few minutes out of the fridge in an un air-conditioned office. 13-17 seems an odd temperature to drink "black" coffee at though. I think it would be great to have in your handbag if you knew you were going to be out all day and would have the opportunity to get to a coffee shop and drink a hot coffee? That would be really practical as I often end up with an energy drink in those situations but then you have to deal with the sugar and looking like an angst pre-teen or a caffeine junky.... potentially that last one is appropriate but I'd rather people didn't know that.

It feels rather thin in your mouth as if it was water which if you're used to heavy milky coffee but since I'm a black coffee drinker most of the time it didn't bother me.

There is an after taste. It's rather persistent. It's a smoky tobacco taste that stayed with me past lunch! I think this was more disturbing than the smell which only lasted for a while. My lunch included both a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a palate cleansing Icelandic yogurt - yet still I felt I had smoked a pack of Marlboro's instead. It faded in the afternoon but I was resisting the urge to find gum just to see how long it lasted. Maybe this is another by product of the clearificationing?

Are you enjoying this rollercoaster of a review? Cute bottle - pro. Alcohol smell - con. Coffee taste at room temp - pro. After taste - con. I can't make heads or tails of it either. It seems to be a product that would fit perfectly as an Instagram focused, new thing, health conscious, mid 20s woman (wow don't I sound high maintenance?) but at the same time the flavours seem to be more suited to an old man sitting in a pub on a Sunday afternoon with a whisky and a smoke.

From Instagram @clrcff

I do however have another bottle to try out. Some of the Instagram posts I've seen have had the bottle with some oat milk in it too - maybe that would neutralise the smell and after taste? Some other people have put it into cocktails so maybe steer into the alcohol smell - that might work too? One of the team suggested that it might be good for baking and another person thought it might be better with a sweetener to make it more of a soft drink. So I think over the next few days I will try some of these and let you know how I get on.

Has anyone else tried it yet? What did you think? I'm not sure yet.