Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Tanning and Paleness

I am a pale girl. Typical English rose complexion with that near translucent skin that makes me look slightly ill in strong lighting. I'm sure every phlebotomist I've ever seen has rejoiced in my visible vascular system. I however do not.

For the majority of the year I rock my paleness. Manchester's climate is particularly mid-tone grey and therefore I am not at risk of burning not reflecting so much white that I look spectral. However, every now and again a miracle happens and the sunshine comes out and I suddenly feel self-conscious.

Some people rock pale in a Dita Von Teese way. But that's not a look that you can just wake up and chuck on - the pin up girl highly styled look takes time and upkeep. Neither are something I want to do. Especially with my naturally blonde (and unnaturally highlighted) hair.

Some context to this: I grew up in Essex home of the oompa-loompas with hair extensions. I went to school in a full face of make up from the age of 13 and the smell of Johnson's gradual build up fake tan moisturiser still brings back school flash backs. Even better if there's a faint wiff of lynx.

Only tanning where your dress shows

So recently I have started fake tanning again. I fake tanned myself as any true Essex gal knows how to do. I have also had my nails done and eyebrows professionally sculpted. I do wonder if in conforming to conventional beauty standards and I am betraying my self confessed strident feminist declaration. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being tanned if you truly want to be for yourself, there is however something wrong with changing who you are for anyone else.

I did some thinking and am still undecided if I feel better about myself while more styled because I genuinely enjoy it or if I just feel more socially desirable. But I know for one thing it did make getting ready for a wedding a whole lot easier! If the only good point from fake tan and nails is that it means you can get ready for a wedding in an hour and a half (including shower with hair wash); then I'm all for it!